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Combine payments with consolidated virtual payment cards.

Standard Payments vs. Consolidate Card

Options for consolidated virtual payment and remittance delivery

Option 1: Partial Fax Delivery

  • Receive a single card per payer by fax.
  • Receive a payment summary page
  • Download associated EOPs from our secure portal.

Option 2: Full Fax Delivery

  • Receive a single card per payer with associated EOPs by fax.

Option 3: Download
  • Receive an email notification when batches are ready.
  • Log in to our secure provider portal.
  • Download a CSV file containing virtual card numbers and
    corresponding remittance files in the format of your choice.

Click here to download our fact sheet and learn more about consolidated virtual payment cards  




Streamline your card processing.

YES! I would like to enroll in Zelis Payments
Consolidated Virtual Payment Card.

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Want to go fax-free and paper free?
We've got options for that.

Want to send 835s to your Clearinghouse?
We can do that, too!

Call our enrollment associates at 877.828.8770, option 2

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