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Reduce claim communications volume and costs while improving the member experience.

Download Zelis' case study to learn how we saved a large regional health plan more than $30K per month in postage costs and enhanced the clarity of their communications with Episodic EOBs®.

Delivering a variety of monthly communications to a large network is a costly and complex process that can cause confusion for members.

With excessive and sometimes redundant communications being sent, maintaining member satisfaction and improving the overall experience has proven to be challenging. By consolidating member communications and switching up the frequency, you can reduce claim communications volume and costs, all while keeping your members happy.

When you multiply each member’s episodes of care by a large network, it comes out to tens of thousands of communications per month. The biggest challenge for your members is making sense of it all and understanding exactly what they owe.

Keeping postage costs down and while also delivering the right message to members is a major obstacle for health plans. By limiting communications touchpoints, health plans can save money and simplify their operations. 

Download our case study to learn how we employed the below techniques to save a health plan more than $30K per month in postage costs and how you can complement your existing communications process with our solutions.

  1. Create a strategy for consolidating claim communications based on monthly touchpoints volume and network size
  2. Regularly adjust consolidation processes to meet your needs in real-time

Key learning objectives:

  • Streamline your communications processes by integrating Episodic EOBs® 
  • Consolidate mailings by reducing the frequency of your touchpoints
  • Quickly pivot your communications strategy as network size grows in near real-time
  • Establish a path towards increased profitability by lowering monthly postage spend
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