Discover the power of precision: Save time and lots of money with Zelis Hospital Bill Review

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The right people and the right technology can save you time.
And a whole lot of money.

Without precision, everything suffers. Profits, Turnaround time. Efficiency. The works. That’s why so many health plans and TPAs turn to Zelis Hospital Bill Review.

Our breakthrough approach is pre-payment, using both itemized bill reviews and clinical chart reviews on claims prior to payment. Plus, Zelis offers unmatched turnaround times — ensuring strict payment review timeframes are met

We combine people and technology like no one else. Our process uses smart logic claim selection technology and our team of experienced clinicians including nurses and physicians, as well as certified coders work hard to uncover errors and save you money.

Precision in specialty areas:

  • Specialty Rx
  • Implants
  • Level of care reviews
  • Air Ambulance


Itemized Bill Review: Average savings on allowable charges – 10%


Clinical Chart Review: Average claim savings rate on billable charges –52%


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