Navigating the post COVID-19 world of network analytics, payment integrity, payments and the impact to payers.


These are uncertain and unchartered times and we will get through it together. But until we are able to attend events across the country and meet face to face, we are introducing the Knowledge Builder Webinar Series as a vehicle to share the insight of our partners, friends and internal experts with you.



Pick the topic(s) that matter most to you and join us for insightful, informative and actionable webinars designed to add value to your business.

Whether it’s providing state by state COVID-19 related impacts to your business due to new network accessibility or surprise balance billing rules, our Zelis Knowledge Builder Webinar Series will deliver the information you need. In addition, portions of the Series will highlight how the payment integrity and payments solutions can maximize savings and revenue generation for your organization.


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Bridging the Gap Between Payers and Providers: Disruptive Innovation in a Complex Healthcare Landscape


Join healthcare payments experts, Eileen Lee and Matthew Krawse, as we push back on the old and tired (wasteful) way of doing things. Here we will focus on a simple solution that aligns both payers and providers towards a common goal: doing what is best for patients.

Reference Based Pricing for PPO Replacement


Every client has unique plan goals, so Zelis supports the ability to administer any RBP configuration, enhanced by crucial support services that help mitigate the risk of balance billing, improve member satisfaction, and drive savings.

Enhance Your Dental Network Analysis and Focus Your Recruitment Efforts


Combine advanced network build tools with competitive intelligence to evaluate your dental provider networks and quickly identify the right recruitment strategy in each market. Learn how Zelis integrates accessibility, accuracy and cost metrics to give you results.

COVID-19 and Surprise Balance Billing: What Payers Need to Know Now


Surprise balance billing is on the rise due to COVID-19 related claims. Join legislative and cost management experts as they explain recent surprise billing provisions and how to leverage them to mitigate risk for payers, plans, and members. 

COVID-19: What Payers Need to Know Now


Updates on new Coronavirus legislation, governors’ orders, and emergency announcements continue to flood the headlines. Join Zelis’ legislative expert Matthew Albright as he explains the latest legislative activity from a healthcare payer perspective.

What to do when the provider network build and expansion pressure is on


We know that starting, managing, and completing a network build and expansion project is a massive effort. Join us to step through how the Zelis approach makes it a faster and more efficient process from the start to break dependencies on old, slower methods.

Consolidated network analytics: Faster and better network results


Continuously manage a complete plan for your network giving you confidence in its capabilities. Integrate complex elements like cost, quality, access and provider affiliations and then evaluate and measure network adequacy, cost effectiveness, and competitiveness.

Is your out-of-network savings solution out of date?


Recent estimates put the out-of-network claims market at $60 billion and rising. These out-of-network claims often lead to balance billing, higher cost-sharing, and member dissatisfaction. Payers relying on traditional out-of-network reimbursement strategies may not be getting the highest level of savings, leaving millions of dollars on the table.