Bridging the Gap Between Payers and Providers: Disruptive Innovation in a Complex Healthcare Landscape

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Join healthcare payments experts, Eileen Lee and Matthew Krawse, as we push back on the old and tired (wasteful) way of doing things. Here we will focus on a simple solution that aligns both payers and providers towards a common goal: doing what is best for patients.

In this webinar, we reveal key elements that drive collaboration and highlight solutions to provide better healthcare for all. In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to break down payer/provider barriers
  • How both payers and providers can realize financial returns, improve relationship satisfaction and increase transparency
  • Where to identify cross-collaboration opportunities in specific patient care stages
  • Actionable steps to get started



Eileen Lee

EVP, Product

Eileen Lee brings over 20 years of experience in the healthcare technology industry to her role as Executive Vice President, Product of the Payments business unit of Zelis Healthcare. She is an integral part of the organization and responsible for product management and strategy. She leverages her expertise to develop innovative business strategies and lead team engagement, while also engineering and managing the innovation and client pipeline for Zelis Payments.

Eileen has over 15 years as a programmer and technical architect, 12 years of experience in EDI solution architecture and is an active member of X12, WEDI and MGMA. She is the former owner of Blue Cheetah Software, a health insurance technology contracting company. Additionally, she worked for Managed Care America and Accenture/Anderson Consulting, a top five consulting firm and Fortune Global 500 company.

Eileen graduated with top honors from Rice University with a BA in Political Science.

Matthew Krawse

VP, Business Solutions

Matthew brings over 10 years of experience in technology-based platforms and services to his role as Vice President, Business Solutions at Zelis. He plays a crucial part in developing and implementing business strategies across the organization. He’s skilled at synthesizing large amounts of information in order to identify, and provide, creative solutions to complex problems. Prior to Zelis, Matthew was General Partner at Waldorf & Statler Ventures, where he advised pre-venture and venture-backed startups. In addition, he’s held several executive roles at companies in industries ranging from mobile applications to nanotechnology.

Matthew graduated from Quinnipiac University with BAs in Finance and Information Technology.

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