COVID-19: What Payers Need to Know Now

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Coronavirus Legislative Overview

Every day for the past month, a wave of Coronavirus legislation, governors’ orders, and emergency announcements flood the headlines and our email boxes. How does a payer sort through it all to find the rules that will specifically affect the business, in every state it operates?

Join Zelis’ legislative expert Matthew Albright as he sifts through it all and explains the provisions that impact healthcare payers. Complete with downloadable state-by-state summaries, this webinar will address:

  • Claims-related provisions in recent Congressional acts
  • Telehealth, provider licensing, non-elective service prohibitions, and other state-by-state emergency provisions
  • Q & A session to address your questions and concerns.


Matthew Albright

Chief Legislative Affairs Officer, Zelis

Matthew has more than 15 years of regulatory, political and public affairs experience. Matthew has written numerous state and federal regulations and helped draft HIPAA regulations while a director at CMS. He monitors healthcare laws and helps Zelis stay two steps ahead of pending legislation.

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