Enhance Your Dental Network Analysis and Focus Your Recruitment Efforts

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With more information available than ever before to compare the performance of your network, how do you manage all those disparate inputs to effectively prioritize and execute on your recruitment projects? Join us to learn how the Zelis Network Analytics platform delivers an integrated approach to evaluating which providers are the right candidates for you, customized to your specific market requirements.

We will cover how our system creates the environment for you to build potential networks, adding provider candidates based on specific criteria – such as accuracy and cost metrics – meaningful to your goals. Instantly measure the accessibility of the potential network and then create actionable recruitment lists that save you time and money. We’ll share details of the following capabilities:

  • Network Modeling – Create new networks to determine viability before recruitment starts
  • Real-time Measurement – Know network accessibility and competitive position in advance to anticipate gaps
  • Create Actionable Recruiting Lists – Identify the best candidates for recruitment and avoid wasted effort

Organize your advanced metrics. Plan ahead on which providers fit your needs. Deliver focused recruiting lists.



Aaron Shumate

EVP, Strategy, Zelis

With more than 15 years of healthcare technology experience, Aaron has guided Zelis Network Analytics' (ZNA) growth as the industry standard in provider network analytics for health and dental plans nationwide. First as chief revenue and strategy officer during the startup and early scale-up stages, and now as EVP of product and strategy, he directs ZNA’s priorities in delivering enterprise solutions to our clients. Aaron believes in the power of the right data as the foundation for delivering cost, time and process efficiencies via an advanced provider network management platform.

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